Evidence Eliminator Free Trial 6.01: Evidence Eliminator is the first, best, and most reliable hard drive cleaner

Evidence Eliminator Free Trial 6.01

Evidence Eliminator is the first, best, and most reliable hard drive cleaner

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Evidence Eliminator 1.2: Evidence Eliminator removes records of your computer`s activities.

Evidence Eliminator 1.2

Your computer is tracking all your actions and stores the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone else can see where you have been on Internet and the images, movies you have seen, even everything you did on your computer would leave trace on your computer. Perhaps you stumbled onto one or two adult Web sites. Perhaps by accident. Perhaps on purpose. And you don`t want your husband/wife, dad/mom, boss/colleague or anyone else to know you`ve been

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Privacy Guard 1.2: Truly remove all traces of Internet & system activity. Free download!

Privacy Guard 1.2

Privacy Guard is a professional utility to erase beyond recovery the Internet traces and evidences on your computer, using a special technology which overwrites the erased files with special chosen patterns of data to ensure that it will never be possible to recover it. The other evidence eliminator programs are not really working! The data erased with them can still be recouvered! Click to read more, and see the facts mentioned by experts!

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Privacy Defender 7.0.3a: Internet Vulnerability Profiling and Removing tool. Secure your online privacy.

Privacy Defender 7.0.3a

evidence of previously downloaded music, video files, images stored in your PC. It gets rid of the data that will remain on your hard drive even after reformatting. Powerful Evidence Eliminator-Privacy Defender protects you from unwanted data becoming permanently hidden in your PC, without the possibility to recover it. The program will not only erase cookies, history, and other personal information, it also erases hidden index.dat files with a single

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Internet Cleaner 3.7: Remove all traces of your computer activity (sites visited, images viewed etc.)

Internet Cleaner 3.7

Internet Cleaner helps you remove all traces of your online and offline activity, including the list of recently visited sites, browser cache and cookies (IE, Firefox, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape Navigator are supported), lists of recent documents in various applications (MS Office, Paint, Media Player, WordPad, Acrobat Reader, ACDSee and more) and protect your privacy by erasing the traces of Messenger, Email, News, P2P programs.

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Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7: Powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to block any running keylogger

Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7

Advanced Anti Keylogger is powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere. Once installed our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately and constantly. Our unique protection algorithm will block operation of keystroke monitoring feature of all spy software, both known and unknown. No spyware database update now. No scanning time now.

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NetPopper 1.5

NEW! Internet Popup Blocker & Privacy Protector. Block popups AND protect your privacy WHILE YOU SURF the internet. Includes US Department of Defense secure erasure for extra privacy!

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Pop up Blocker Pro 7.0.6a: Pop up Blocker Pro is an aggressive pop-up blocker.

Pop up Blocker Pro 7.0.6a

Pop up Blocker Pro is an aggressive pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker has 4 types of pop-ups blocking: 100% pop-ups blocking, Pop-ups Block list, Pop-ups Block list with keywords, Limit windows opened. This is one program packed with advanced Privacy Protection Technologies (Prevent your home page from being reset, Go to URL, Proxy settings, Sound effect on close pop-ups, Disable auto suggest, Block messenger spam pop-ups and much more).

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Privacy Guard 3.0: You have a right to privacy, but your computer is spying on you!

Privacy Guard 3.0

Lowest priced, and best! Stop intruders! You have a right to privacy, but your computer is spying on you! Web browsers leave a complete history of everywhere you have surfed for the last days, weeks, and even months. Web sites leave cookies to track your travels. The last files you opened are listed for all to see. Erase them all with easy to use Privacy Guard.

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One Click Privacy 2.2.9: Best privacy protector, Evidence Eliminator, Tracks Eraser, History Cleaner

One Click Privacy 2.2.9

Whatever happens on your PC stays on your PC. One Click Privacy permanently erases all internet activity, cached passwords and credit card info, IM logs, media player records, search engine queries and application usage – with just one click! Cover your tracks!

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